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Soap Flotation: A Brief Review

D. M. Mihir, R. Padmasree


Homologues of fatty acids derived from vegetable oils/fats are used as collectors as such or as their soaps in the flotation of silicate/oxide/salt type minerals. Straight chain saturated fatty acid anions are envisaged to form compact adsorbed patches on the mineral surface which are more effective in imparting surface hydrophobicity to the minerals than the loose/fluffy patches formed by unsaturated fatty acid anions that are bent at the double bonds. Addition of detergents or certain hydrotropes along with fatty acid/soap collectors reduces the consumption of fatty acids/soaps and thereby improves selectivity of mineral separation.

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Mihir DM, Padmasree R. Soap Flotation: A Brief Review. Journal of Modern Chemistry & Chemical Technology. 2016; 7(2): 5–8p.


soap, flotation, fatty acid, hydrophobicity, mineral separation

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