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Substituted Thiosemicarbazides as Corrosion Inhibitors for N80 Steel in Hydrochloric Acid

M. yadav, Sumit Kumar, Usha Sharma



N-isonicotinoyl-N′-aryl thiosemicarbazides have been synthesized and employed as corrosion inhibitors for N-80 steel – 15% hydrochloric acid system at 25 ï‚°C. On the basis of their influence on anodic and cathodic polarization behavior, these compounds could be classified as ambiodic inhibitors. Weight loss and electrochemical data leading to their inhibition efficiencies (IEs) suggest that these inhibitors followed adsorption mechanism. Among the various thiosemicarbazides, methoxyphenyl derivative exhibited maximum percentage IE.

Keywords: Thiosemicarbazides, N-80 steel, hydrochloric acid, corrosion inhibition



Thiosemicarbazides, N-80 steel, hydrochloric acid, corrosion inhibition

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