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LS-Coupled Atomic Term Symbols for nf7 Configuration

P. L. Meena, A.S. Meena, K.S. Meena


In this manuscript, we described a simple method to obtain Russell Saunders atomic terms for nf7 configuration by microstate building and finally the splitting of LS terms, levels and states by different types of interaction represented pictorially. 3432 microstates in nf7 configuration resolve into 119 terms due to electronic interaction that are one (1) octet {8S}, six (6) sextets {6I, 6H, 6G, 6F, 6D, 6P}, forty (40) quartets {4N, 4M, 4L(3-Terms), 4K(3-Terms), 4I(5-Terms), 4H(5-Terms), 4G(7-Terms), 4F(5-Terms), 4D(6-Terms), 4P(2-Terms), 4S(2-Terms),} and seventy two (72) doublets {2Q, 2O, 2N(2-Terms), 2M(4-Terms), 2L(5-Terms), 2K(7-Terms), 2I(9-Terms), 2H(9-Terms), 2G(10-Terms), 2F(10-Terms), 2D(7-Terms), 2P(5-Terms), 2S(2-Terms)}. Ground state term derived for nf7 configuration is Octet S (8S) and ground state is 8S7/2.

Cite this Article. Meena PL, Meena AS, Meena KS. LS-Coupled Atomic Term Symbols for nf7 Configuration. Journal of Modern Chemistry & Chemical Technology. 2017; 8(2): 20–29p.




Angular momentum, Spin momentum, L-S coupling, spin-orbit coupling, term

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