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Voltage-controlled TCR (Temperature Sensitivity) in Nanostructured Y0.95Ca0.05MnO3/Si, p-n Junction Diode

Davit Dhurv, J. H. Markna, P. S. Solanki, Nikesh A. Shah


The authors deposited a p-type Y0.95Ca0.05MnO3 on the n-type Si substrate using chemical solution deposition and form nanostructured Y0.95Ca0.05MnO3/n-Si, p-n junction diode with typical thickness of about 100 nm with polycrystalline in nature. The diode exhibits rectifying properties over the temperature range of 100–300 K. Voltage-dependent temperature sensitivity of Y0.95Ca0.05MnO3/n-Si, p-n junction diode has been studied in current perpendicular to film plane (CPP) geometry. The maximum percentage of TCR values of −5.24% K−1 at 200 K at applied diffusive potential below 1 V can be understood in terms of diffusive voltage-dependent conduction through the interface of nanostructured p-n junction diode.


Keywords: PN junction diode, TCR, multiferroic

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