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A Computational Study on Convection Heat Transfer in a Differentially Heated Cavity Using Nanofluids

Tridib Kumar Mahata


Heat transfer is an integral part of thermodynamics. It is used to study the heat and mass transfer in and out of the system during a process; the medium may vary from solids, liquids and gases. The three major divisions of heat transfer are conduction, convection and radiation. In this paper we have discussed the heat transfer through nanofluids particle and water. Water is a very common fluid used in heat transfer applications; therefore the data collected from the experiments may prove that nanofluids are a viable option in heat transfer applications. Nanofluid particles are used because of their various applications.

Keywords: Nanofluids, heat transfer, efficiency, nanoparticle, convection

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Mahata TK. A Computational Study on Convection Heat transfer in a Differentially Heated Cavity Using Nanofluids. Journal of NanoScience, NanoEngineering & Applications. 2015; 5(1): 14-18p



Nano fluids , , heat transfer, efficiency, nanoparticle, Convection

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