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Compositional and Morphological Properties of Nickel and Manganese Doped ZnO Nano Thin Films Grown by Silar Method

R. Chandramohan, R Murugeswari, S Saravanakumar, SR Srikumar, J Thirumalai, M Karunakaran, S Balamurali, T Mahalingam, S Valanarasu


The composition and morphology of pristine, Ni, Mn and Ni and Mn doped ZnO are discussed in this paper. These ZnO thin film nanostructures were prepared by SILAR method. The deposition conditions have been optimized based on their structure and on the formation of smoothness, adherence and stoichiometry. The results of studies by EDS attached with, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), reveal the varieties of microstructural and morphological modifications feasible with SILAR method. The interesting compositions and morphological variations with dopant concentration are observed and discussed. The films quality is comparable with those grown with physical methods and is suitable for many applications like gas sensors and spintronics.



Keywords: SILAR, composition, morphology, ZnO, thin film nanostructures


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Chandramohan R, Murugeswari R, Saravanakumar S et al. Compositional and morphological properties of nickel and manganese doped ZnO nano thin films grown by silar method. Journal of Nanoscience, Nanoengineering and Applications. 2015; 5(3): 48–59p.

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