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Effect of CNTs on Mechanical Properties of Mg-CNT Nano Composites Synthesized Through Stir Casting

J Jayakumar, B K Raghunath, Sachin Berad


Multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) reinforced magnesium (Mg) nano composites were synthesized using vacuum stir casting technique. Three different weight fractions of MWCNTs (0.33, 0.66, 0.99 wt%) are added with Mg melt and stirred at 450 rpm for 10 min to obtain homogeneous mixture and deposited in a metallic mould. The deposited composite is then extruded at 450oC with an extrusion ratio of 11.11. Samples are prepared from the extruded composite and characterized for the microstructure and mechanical properties. The effect of addition of CNTs due to stirring, melting and extrusion temperature on microstructure and mechanical properties are investigated and compared with monolithic Mg. Microstructure analysis of 0.33 and 0.66 wt% CNT composite shows better homogeneity of MWCNTs in Mg matrix. However, mechanical property of the composite reveals an improvement in yield strength, hardness and ductility up to 0.99 wt% of CNTs incorporated in the Mg matrix.


Keywords: Magnesium nano composites, multi wall carbon nano tubes, stir casting process, hot extrusion


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Jayakumar J, Raghunath BK, Sachin Berad. Effect of CNTs on mechanical properties of Mg-CNT nano composites synthesized through stir casting. Journal of Nanoscience, Nanoengineering and Applications. 2015; 5(3): 60–66p.


Magnesium Nano Composites, Multi Wall Carbon Nano Tubes, Stir Casting process, Hot Extrusion.

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