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Infrared Polymer Solar Cell

Hasan Iftikhar, Mohd. Abdullah Sarwar, Shadab Khan, Er. Tarana Afrin Chandel


Nanotechnology is the designing of practical frameworks at the sub-atomic scale. This spreads both current work and ideas that are more advanced. In its unique sense, "nanotechnology" alludes to the anticipated capacity to build thing from the base up, utilizing strategies and instruments being created today make it finish superior items. The polymer is a vast particle, or macromolecule. In view of their expansive scope of properties, both manufactured and characteristic polymers play a fundamental and omnipresent part in regular day to day existence. The polymer materials use nanotechnology and contain the first solar cell able to harness the sun’s invisible, infrared rays. Solar cell plays an important role in today’s world. It is a renewable source of energy. It is much more efficient than conventional solar cells. In this paper, by the use of nanotechnology we implemented the infrared polymer solar cell having more advantages over conventional solar cells.


KEY WORDS: Organic Polymer, Polymer photovoltaic, Organic solar cell, Mechanisms

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