A Study on Spatio-temporal Variation in Ambient Temperatures over Parts of Andhra Pradesh, India

Mogaraju Jagadish Kumar


Climate change is one of the irreversible phenomena human beings ever faced in recent past. Hydro-meteorological variables provide efficient information to study the climate patterns over any region. This paper aims on narrowing down the areas which need immediate attention since high temperatures were recorded over them. This part of the study showed that hotspots analysis and cluster and outlier analysis are quintessential for policy makers to understand the higher-risk areas compared to lower-risk areas. It is sensed that the aim has been achieved by this study and it filtered out six to seven districts which exhibited clusters and five to six hotspots over the region. ArcGIS and MS Excel were used for this study. 

Keywords: Hotspot analysis, cluster and outlier analysis, GIS;,  climate change, temperature


Hotspot analysis, cluster and outlier analysis, GIS;, climate change, temperature

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