Analysis of Groundwater Quality Parameters of Kandra River Basin of Panhala Tehsil, Kolhapur District, Maharashtra

Jayant Vithalrao Khanapurkar, R A Suryawanshi, M A Kurane, U S Nadgauda


The Kandra river basin occupies an area of about 148 sq. km. in Kolhapur District of Maharashtra. The area lies between Long. 740 0′ 9″ E to 740 05′ 12″ E and Lat. 160 45′ 10″ N to 160 50′ 10″ N in Survey of India Toposheet no. 47L/1. The study area is mainly underlain by Deccan basaltic flows. Quaternary and recent formations are confined mainly to the river valleys. Samples were collected after 10 min of pumping and stored in 1 litre plastic bottles, which were pre-cleaned (acid washed) and thoroughly rinsed with distilled water. Each of the collected groundwater sample was analyzed for the physico-chemical parameters such as; pH, electrical conductivity (EC), bi-carbonate, chloride, sulfate, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium using the standard procedures as per APHA (1989).

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Khanapurkar JV, Suryawanshi RA, Kurane MA et al. Analysis of groundwater quality parameters of kandra river basin of panhala tehsil, Kolhapur district, Maharashtra. Journal of Remote Sensing & GIS. 2015; 6(3): 65–69p.


Kandra river basin, toposheet, pumping, distilled water, physico-chemical parameters, APHA

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