Separation Trends of Waste Metal Working Fluid from Aqueous Media

Lalit Kumar Singh, A. K. Singh, Lalit Kumar Singh


This paper envisages compiling the scattered available information about the treatment technologies and simple sorption procedures for the removal of waste metal working fluids (MWFs) from machining waste water. Some advantages of sorption technique through agro-waste materials over conventional treatment technologies for the MWFs removal are also the focusing objectives of this paper. Sorbents usually contains various active groups; they are robust and can be the better part of filtration processes. Multifunctional features of sorbents are the interesting qualities which contribute synergetic effects during purification process. Sorbents, also, can be applied at any stage of oily waste water treatment without additional equipment in the treatment plant. Agro-waste material has potential source and it can be modified for better efficiency and multiple reuses to enhance their applicability at industrial scale. 


Keywords: Metal working fluids, adsorption, agro-based waste materials


Metal working fluids, adsorption, agro-based waste materials

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