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Trichodina Parasites Infections on Gills of Some Freshwater Fishes from Qena, Egypt

Abdel-Nasser A. Hussein, S. A. Rabie, N. E. Mohammed, N. M. Hussein


Freshwater fishes were sampled from different localities in the River Nile at Qena Governorate (Qus, Qift, Dandara, El-Trammsa, El-Maana, Dishna, and Nag-Hammady). The investigated fishes are, Oreochromis niloticus, Tilapia zilli and Ctenopharyngodon idella. Three Trichodina species isolated, Trichodina centrostrigeata Basson and Van As, 1994, Trichodina magna Van As and Basson, 1992, and Trichodina epizootica Raabe, 1950 from the freshwater fishes in Qena, Egypt. The prevalences were 10%, 27.27% and 68.18%, respectively. Descriptions presented here were obtained by examinations of specimens prepared using the dry silver nitrate impregnation. Comparisons with closely related species are provided.


Trichodina, Freshwater fishes, Infection rate, Prevalence, Qena, Egypt

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