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Quality Assessment of Vermicompost

Aloka Kumari


Present study deals with quality assessment of Vermicompost on the basis of physical and chemical profiles made of three different types of earthworms viz. Eisenia foetida, Eudrilus eugeniae, Perionyx excavatus. Quality of Vermiculture was done in different mixtures of Cowdung with Paddy straw, Sugarcane thrash, Weed biomass, Eichornia, Vegetable waste and Control. The rate of vermiculture was found maximum in case of VMC5 as E.eugeniae recorded as most efficient vermicomposting worm. Physicochemical profile of VMC5 made from by E.foetida having pH7.11, EC 0.63, Moisture 59.61, Total Nitrogen 1.062%, Total Phosphorus 1.748% and Total Potassium 1.59% considered as quality vermicompost.


Eisenia foetida, Eudrilus eugeniae, Perionyx excavatus; Vermicompost

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