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Evolution: Boosters, Drivers and plausible Models

Ashish Runthala


Evolution has often been interpreted as the positive natural selection, paving the path for adaptive improvement in biological genetic information. Evolution yielding functionally adapted protein molecules is much more complex than DNA. Constraints mediating the rate, path and altered convergence of functionally evolved proteins are justified to elaborate their functional role in evolution. All additional stress factors as per the constrained micro-environment imposed on a cell system delineate the evolutionary path for the exposed functional proteins and indirectly their gene segment. Such alterations in the functional proteins due to caused variations in DNA are the decisive mutated degrees of freedom to be ultimately selected positively for none or some of them with evolved adaptive functionality. Such evolved variants then yield the evolved sets of individuals, who then undergo further adaptive evolutionary alteration cycles. The manuscript explains the basic underlying evolutionary models possible for a living system.


Probiotic, evolution, mutation, selection, protein

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