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Detrimental Effect of Mobile Phone Radiation on Living Organisms: An Update Review



Mobile phone has raised the risk of the tissue-level damage for all living organisms not only for human and animals but plants as well. Numerous studies have documented various biological effects of EMR including changes in cell proliferation, enzyme activity, gene expression, cell-membrane permeability and ion homeostasis as well as oxidative stress and heat-shock response. A modulated field at 900 MHz strongly inhibited the growth of and, to some extent, peroxidase activity of Duckweed (Lemna minor L.) [14]. Mobile phone can induce oxidative stress which results in reduced growth and increase in the activity of antioxidant enzymes in mung bean and wheat seedlings [15]. Exposure to investigated EMFr at 1800 MHz induced oxidative stress in onion as well as unspecific stress responses, especially of antioxidative enzymes. Cognitive effects, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, genotoxic effects, sleeping effects and cancer were observed on human and other animals. Some national radiation advisory authorities, including those of Austria [52], France [53], Germany [54] and Sweden [55] have recommended measures to minimize exposure to their citizens. We need to follow such measures to save our lives from the effects of cellular phone irradiation.

Keywords:mobile phone, EMR, heat-shock response, peroxidase activity


mobile phone, EMR, heat-shock response, peroxidase activity

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