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Isolation of Bacteria in Dogs with Recurrent Pyoderma in Andhra Pradesh

B Sudhakar Reddy, K. Nalini Kumari, D. Rani Pramila, S. Sivajothi


The present study was carried out on 46 dogs having a history of recurrent pyoderma. . Clinical samples were collected aseptically from the skin lesions of the affected dogs and subjected for cultural examination. Seventy one isolates were recovered from the 46 clinical samples. Isolation studies revealed the presence of Staphylococcus aureus 11 (23.9%), Staphylococcus intermedius 27 (58.6%) and Staphylococcus schleiferi 8 (17.3%). other bacteria like Streptococci 8(17.3%), Klebsiella 8 (17.3%), Escherichia coli 6 (13%) and Pseudomonas 4 (8.7%) along with Staphylococci were also observed in 26 cases.

Keywords: Andhra Pradesh, cultural isolates, dogs, recurrent pyoderma.

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