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Performance Evaluation of the Water Treatment Plant of Karkala Town, India: A Case Study

T.N Shridhara, Chetan DM, Prithvi Raj H.K


The performance evaluation of unit operations and processes in WTP is very essential for the consumer health. Performance of these plants is an essential parameter to be monitored and evaluated for better understanding of design and operating difficulties in water treatment plants. The conclusions of these evaluations may determine required recommendations and highlight modification requirements for continuous design and operating schemes. This study outlines the finding of investigation of the treatment plant in Karkala (India). The evaluation conducted in this study was carried out by reviewing the engineering design to assure matching of standards and codes. Also, biological, chemical and bacteriological analyses were conducted to investigate water quality. The conclusions drawn from this research outline the importance of accurate engineering design and need for continuous monitoring and analysis of each unit performance.



Keywords: Water treatment plant, water quality, Karkala

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