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Ascidians as the Potential Bioindicators of Marine Ecosystem: A Review

Rajaram Murugan, Ganakkan Ananthan, Chinnathambi Stalin


Ascidians belonging to the ‘Phylum Chordata’ are effectively used as bio-indicators of anthropogenic disturbance in marine ecosystems. Each and every day marine coastal communities are exposed to several chemical compounds which are commonly used in agriculture and industrial activities. Among the various criteria, functional qualities may represent useful tools for monitoring environmental impact in coastal areas, in order to consider the impact of anthropogenic activities on the aquatic ecosystem and to insure fulfillment with regulation. Biomonitoring involves the use of indicator species such as filter feeding organisms like ascidians and they represent a reliable bioindicator; and so represent a valuable tool for the rapid and simple monitoring of impact on marine ecosystem. In this paper, the role of tunicates is reviewed as model organism for testing coastal pollution.



Keywords: Marine, ascidians, bio indicators, pollution


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Rajaram Murugan, Ganakkan Ananthan, Chinnathambi Stalin. Ascidians as the potential bioindicators of marine ecosystem: A review. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Life Sciences. 2016; 6(1): 1–5p.

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