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Education and Health Status of Child Labour in Sylhet City, Bangladesh

Tanwne Sarker, Rana Roy, Ashok Biswas



In this study, we mainly discuss the education and health status of child labours in Sylhet city of Bangladesh. To obtain the adequate information, a total numbers of 90 child labours were interviewed from this mentioned city. The study indicates that about 15.6% of child labours were illiterate and 17.7% of child labours can sing their name only and major %age (46%) are in primary level of education. Although nearly 50% of children are already detached from education, but still now 23% of them are continuing their learning besides their regular works. Of course it is a positive sign that 76% of the respondents still have willingness to go school. When-ever they get time, most them watch movies in cinema hall and also do a lot of activities including taking drugs. Facing torture is common phenomena in workstation and 63% reported that they face torture, and among tortures, beating was most common, mostly done by the managers of the workshops. That is why they did not find interest in their works. Moreover, 51% reported that their work contains a lot of risk but they do not use any types of safety materials during their works and most of them get injured. Food consumption pattern was too poor and most of them are underweight. Hygienic condition of them was not satisfactory and due to this, they suffer various kinds of normal and severe diseases. Most of the time (43.3%) they basically went to a medication store and purchased some normal medications with the exhortation of the sellers.



Keywords: Child labours, education and health status, Sylhet city, Bangladesh

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Tanwne Sarker, Rana Roy, Ashok Biswas. Education and Health Status of Child Labour in Sylhet City, Bangladesh. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Life Sciences. 2017; 7(2):    1–9p.

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