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Prediction of Durability of Human Hip Joint Implants by Matlab

J. Nagaraju, P.V.S.M. Kumar, M. Kedar Mallik, Y. Pratapa Reddy


Hip joint of a human body is one of the important joints, failure of which causes pain and in-
convenience to the routine life. The failure may be due to worn-out joint or breakage because
of accident etc. The failed hip joint may be replaced with artificial implant. The life of implant
depends on different factors like the loads born by the joint, properties of material used etc.
The present investigation is an attempt to simulate the artificial hip joint of human being by
MATLAB and to analyze the results obtained, by using different materials like titanium and
ceramics. The results reveal that the life of implant improves when the coefficient of friction is
reduced between contact surfaces by the usage of ceramic and titanium materials. Maximum
life of implant was obtained when the implant was made with titanium in combination with
Keywords: Hip joint, MATLAB, coefficient of friction, stresses, ceramic, titanium
Nagaraju J, Kumar PVSM, Kedar Mallik
M et al. Prediction of Durability of
Human Hip Joint Implants by Matlab.
Research & Reviews: A Journal of Life
Sciences. 2017; 7(2): 27–34p.

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