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Evaluation of Different Extracts of Ganoderma lucidum on Pharmacognostical Parameters

Neha Jasrotia


For about 5000 years or more, mushrooms have been used as medicines by human beings. Fungi are the great recyclers in nature. Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) is one of the most commonly used species of medicinal mushrooms. Reishi is not an edible mushroom, though people use reishi to brew teas for medicinal purposes only. This mushroom, due to its large number of pharmacological properties, has attracted substantial attention in recent era. The fruiting bodies of Ganoderma contain a variety of chemical substances. Almost all medicinal properties have been ascribed to G. lucidum. The spores, fruiting bodies, mycelia of Ganoderma contain various bioactive substances. The present study was done to screen the powdered mushroom and its successive extracts such as petroleum ether extract, chloroform extract, methanolic extract and aqueous extract on the basis of phytochemical tests and other tests. The different extracts showed the presence of different constituents. There was no foreign matter reported in the powdered mushroom, the ash value was not more than 4.8% w/w. The powdered mushroom showed different color under long UV, short UV and visible light. The different extracts showed presence of different chemical constituents which may have different pharmacological properties and may prove beneficial for human race for curing many diseases.

Keywords: Ganoderma, mushroom, fungi, vitamins


Ganoderma, mushroom, fungi, vitamins

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