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Standardization and Diuretic Activity of Hydro-alcoholic Extract of Mukia maderaspatana Whole Plant in Experimental Rats

Saravanan V.S Sampath


In this present study, the purity of Mukia maderaspatana a Cucurbitaceae plant in powdered form was standardized by the common physico-chemical analysis like ash values, extractive values and moisture content. The results show that total ash, sulfated ash, water soluble ash and acid-insoluble ash of 21.5% w/w, 33% w/w, 10% w/w and 2.5% w/w respectively were up to standard. The water-soluble and alcohol-soluble extractive values were 8.5 and 3.2% w/w respectively. The hydro-alcoholic extracts of M. maderaspatana at 150 mg/kg and 300 mg/kg were administered to the rats and urine volume and electrolyte excretions were measured. The results show that the extract was significant in diuretic activity when compared with control and standard drug Acetazolamide (P < 0.01).

Keywords: Mukia maderaspatana, standardization, diuretic activity, albino rats


Mukia maderaspatana, standardization, diuretic activity, albino rats

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