Determination of Well Loss and Aquifer Loss of New Construction Deep Water Well at Artesian Aquifer in Khulna City, Bangladesh

Nazrul Islam, Md. Zahangir Alam, Md. Minhaz Mahmud



This work studied the performance of water well installed as artesian aquifer in South Western Region of Bangladesh. The main activities were known to the properties of aquifer condition on that area. Well performance was also measured after development of water well. The well performance and aquifer performance were justified by Rorabaugh’s graphical methods. The total depth of drilling was 305 m from the ground level. Drilling was completed by Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Machine. The method of drilling was Reverse circulation drilling method. Well performance is  important for  water well business industries because performance of a well depends on  the service period i.e., for how much time the pumpwill  run for extraction of water. Similarly aquifer performance is another important function for water well business industry. 


          Keywords: aquifer, borehole, discharge, step drawdown test



aquifer, borehole, discharge, step drawdown test

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