Advances in Piled-Raft Foundation System

Mohd. Ahmed, Mahmoud Hussain, Javed Mallick


The present paper outlines the developments in the studies of combined piled-raft foundation system. The design philosophies and modeling techniques of piled-raft foundation are reviewed. An extensive survey of research works devoted to study the parameters affecting the behavior of piled-raft composite system is carried out and the conclusions drawn on the parametric studies are discussed. It also presents the experimental investigations into the piled-raft foundation. The paper also reviews the steps forward for the standardization of composite foundation. The recommendations related to the design, construction and the safety of composite piled-raft foundation that can be used for the codification of the piled-raft foundation system are also compiled. Some aspects of piled-raft foundation system needing further attention are also highlighted.


Keywords: piles, rafts, foundations, numerical modeling, standards


piles, rafts, foundations, numerical modeling, standards

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