Spatial Crime Pattern using Geographical Information System: A Review

Muhammad Syahiran Amran, Khairul Nizam Tahar, Ahmad Afiq Hassan, Muhamad Syahir Shadin, Khairul Farhanah Khairon, Mohammad Haminuddin Abdul Hadi


The article describes the development of crime pattern analysis using geographic information system (GIS). Criminal activities nowadays continue to be a major concern in contemporary society in many countries around the world. Most nation are faced with unacceptable level of crime such as murder, raped, robbery, and many crime that gives bad effect to the communities in the country. Therefore specific studies need to be conducted to overcome this problem. This study introduces GIS as a tool to identify the hot spot area of crime incident. GIS is able to manipulate crime data into the spatial visualisation. This article reviews the definition of crime, property of crime, cause and prevention of crime, crime analysis using GIS technology, and crime hotspots method. In conclusion, the GIS technology could help local authority to monitor the increment of crime at certain area.



Keywords: crime, GIS, analysis, hotspot, risk map

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