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Is your journal National or International?

STM Journals is a National journal but authors and subscription are from all over the world.

Please let me know the details of Periodicity of Journals.

Frequency of publication: Online version-3 times/year Print version: 3 times/year.

What is the procedure for making payment of subscription for STM Journals?

RTGS Remittance details:-

In Favor of : Consortium E - Learning Network. Pvt. ltd.
Bank Name : HDFC Bank
Bank Location : Sector 62, Noida, India
Account Number : 03942000001153
IFSC : HDFC0000394

  • The payment can be made through At Par Cheque, Demand Draft and also through RTGS/ NEFT.
  • In case of outstation Cheque/ Cash Deposit: Pay Rs. 185/- extra.
  • No extra payment for At par Cheque/ Demand Draft/ RTGS/ NEFT/ Electronic Wire Transfer

Please do inform us on the following numbers +91-120- 4781210, 211 or +91- 9810078958 Also mail your complete details at [email protected] after making the payments.

How to subscribe journal for a period of one year?

For the subscription of the selected journal please fill the subscription order form with all the necessary details and send us the subscription fee (Rs 3,950/- per journal per year) to our mentioned address.

I want to know the ISBN or ISSN number of the STM journals

Please be advised that an ISBN (International Standard Bibliographic Number) is assigned to a Book and the ISSN to a serial publication viz. Periodicals/Journals. We are happy to intimate that our 60 Journals have ISSN and for more information on ISSN of our Journals please visit our site

Can we download full text of articles?

Yes, if you subscribe to STM Journal (s) you can down load full text papers.

I would like to know the credibility of publication?

We reiterate, STM Journals-an ambitious initiative of the Consortium e-Learning Network Private Ltd., (CELNET), Noida, INDIA meant to facilitate a cost effective access to the quality research findings through the publication of online quality scholarly journals.
CELNET with its improved infrastructure and with rich experience of successful publication of 'NanoTrends: A Journal of Nanotechnology and Its Applications' now embarks upon the well sought after area of STM Journals. NanoTrends is published since year 2006, by Nano Science & Technology Consortium (NSTC), another division (CELNET)]. It is covered by Indian Science Abstracts (ISA), NISCAIR, CSIR, India the Chemical Abstracts Services (CAS), American Chemical Society (ACS), (USA). You may please go through the esteemed editorial board of the NanoTrends to have an idea of the experts-associated with us in this project link:
We are joining hands with the experts of same repute in constructing the Editorial/ Review boards for STM Journals.


When I can send my paper?

You can submit your paper in throughout year. Our online frequency is April, August and December.

What is its exact fee and how it can be done?

There are no registration, submission and publication fees for online publication in STM Journals.

Can you provide with the details of STM Open Access Publishing

STM Journals define a unique way to provide open access advantage to all the authors by way of providing option to choose for open access (authors have to pay publication charges) or subscription model ( authors need not to pay any fee).
India, SARC and African Countries : INR 2500 / 100 USD
(including Print Copy of your journals)
Other Countries: :USD 200

Kindly inform the impact factor of STM Journals.

Any Journal can generate Impact factor only with time and STM Journal is a very New Journal to get impact factor. As the right time will come we will also Follow a procedure for the attainment of Impact Factor.

Is STM Indexed with indexing sites?

STM Journals are Abstracted/ Indexed with –

  • Indian Science Abstract
  • Google Scholar
  • Niscair
  • NCBI

And also the Indexing and Abstracting is in process at many other indexing sites.

What is the procedure to submit my article?

For submitting any article please follow the below process:
Register as an Author in any Journal of your subject interest and Registration is free of cost.
You will receive an automated email.
Whenever you log in with the user id and password that you created then on the right side is a click for New Submission.
If you click on that then procedure for submitting the manuscript is very well instructed. Please go through the Author Guidelines provided in the Website.
Please adhere to the Sample Research/Review paper and Referencing pattern provided in the header of the website.

How long will I have to wait before receiving the referee reports?

This depends on a lot of factors, including the responsiveness and speed of the individual referees, and varies greatly from journal to journal.

In what order should authors on the paper be listed?

The authors should reach an agreement on the order themselves. Typically, though, the person who made the most significant contribution is listed first, while the corresponding author may be specified separately.

Can I request a deadline extension when revising my paper?

If you need more time to revise your paper then contact the Editor as soon as possible. They may be able to grant you an extension but this will depend on their particular policy and also other factors such as the type of paper you have submitted.

Is there any template available for the manuscript publication.

STM Journals provides word template that can be used for all final submissions. Before the submission of paper please make sure that your paper is according to STM Format

I forgot my password/ reset my password.

With the help of the Username id you can generate a new password by clicking on the Forgot Password link. An automated password is sent to your registered email id which you can reset as per your convenience.

I have lost my login Credentials how to retrieve it?

If you had registered with us and have lost your username password please drop us a mail at [email protected]

Can I get Print Copy of STM Journals?

STM Journal(s) provides free Registration, Submission & Online Publication to our Authors. The authors who want to get the Print Copy of the Journal along with the Certificate of Paper Publication.

The Print Copy will Cost:

Indian Authors :Rs. 600 per copy
(Inclusive of Dispatch and Certificate)
Authors outside India : $100 per copy
(Inclusive of Dispatch and certificate)

RTGS Remittance Details:

In Favor of: Consortium E - Learning Network. Pvt. ltd.
Bank Name : HDFC Bank
Bank Location : Sector 62, Noida, India
Account Number : 03942000001153
IFSC : HDFC0000394

Editor/ Reviewer

Why should I become a referee?

Acting as a referee not only helps you to stay up to date with the latest developments in your field but is also commonly recognized as a sign that you are progressing in your career. Scientists will often mention in their CV or resume that they have acted as referee for a journal

Can I consult a colleague about a paper I have been asked to review?

You may consult a colleague about a paper but always ask the journal if this is OK before doing it.

Does STM Journal provide Editors with interface to invite reviewers to monitor the process?

Yes, Editors can invite reviewers according to their convenience

Do I have to correct all spelling, grammar or use-of-English mistakes in a paper I have been asked to review?

No. Referees are not usually asked to do this as journals have copy-editors who can correct minor problems with the language. However, if the paper is written so poorly that you cannot clearly understand what the authors mean, or there are so many errors that reading the paper becomes very difficult, then that should be reported back to the journal. Papers whose scientific meaning is unclear, or which have not been properly proof-read by the authors before submission, are usually sent back to the authors for revision.

What should I do if the authors refer to unpublished work?

It may be possible for the journal to obtain a copy for you from the authors. You should ask for this if you feel you cannot assess the work without it. However, authors should not make frequent references to unpublished work to support their paper.

If I am an expert in only part of the paper what should I do?

You can still write a report and send it to the journal but make it clear which parts you are not able to assess.


Tell me about the subscription details of STM Journals?

For subscription details please refer to the Subscription Order form of STM Journals.

What is the time required for delivery of STM Journals after subscription?

As soon as we receive your payment we will send you an acknowledgement for the same and provide you the online access of the journals subscribed by you and the print copy of the subscribed Journal will be dispatched after the online publication of STM Journals.

We are not able to access Email id and Password of STM Journals?

We would like to mention that to activate the online access of the journals you are subscribing, we need I.P. address/ address range of your institute. For Institutional Subscription, there is no need to provide user id / password to subscribers.

What is IP Address?

To get online access you need to have IP Address

Is IP Address for a single individual?

No, it can be used by whole institution. It is for the multi user access.

We have subscribed for STM Journals. We have sent the Subscription amount. When will we receive the Journals?

As soon as we receive your payment, we will send you an acknowledgement letter at your postal address. As per your query, we will provide you the online access to all the journals selected by you. The print copy of the subscribed Journal will be dispatched after the online publication of STM Journals.