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Dr. Anumakonda Jagadeesh obtained his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Physics from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India, and his Doctorate degree in Wind Energy from the prestigious University of Roorkee {now the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR)}. He has been involved in teaching and research for the last 30 years. He founded "Society of Science for the People" in 1973, an NGO which has been acting to formulate innovative science and technology programs and projects. Dr. Jagadeesh widely interacted with several global and national organizations in Science and Technology projects; his programs attracted worldwide attention, especially in Appropriate Technology, Afforestation, Renewable Energy, Environment, etc. Dr. Jagadeesh also founded "Nayudamma Centre for Development Alternatives" in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India in 1994 which has been acting as a think tank in promoting Energy, Environment, and Appropriate Technology programs and projects. He has membership in several international and government bodies in India. The groups relate to supply chains & Entrepreneurship and energy & agriculture.

Dr A. K. Berwal is an Associate Professor in the Centre of Excellence for Energy and Environmental Studies at Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science & Technology, Murthal earlier it was a C R State College of Engineering and up graded to University in Nov 2006. He has received his Ph.D. degree from the M.D. University Rohtak in 2001. He is having more than 23 years of experience of teaching to the UG & PG students of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Studies. His area of expertise includes Internal Combustion Engine, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning and Renewable Energy Sources. He has authored one book entitled “Introduction to Mechanical Engineering” and published research papers in National & International conferences and Journals as well. He received grant from AICTE under R&D scheme to study ”Reduction of fuel Consumption and Emissions in Two Stroke S.I. Engine”. Also working on two projects (1) 50 kWp SPV based solar power plant and (2) Solar based vapour absorption system for space cooling for these projects grant was received from Haryana Renewable Energy Department and MNRE, Govt of India. Author is a member of Academic Council of the University and also member of professional body like – Society of Automotive Engineers, Indian Society of Technical Education.

Dr. Animesh Dutta is an Assistant Professor and Program Leader of Mechanical Engineering at School of Engineering, University of Guelph. Previously, he taught at Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and Nova Scotia Agricultural College as an Assistant Professor. Dr Dutta is specialized in advanced energy systems, biomass conversion, and thermo-fluid science with hands-on experience in boiler design and pilot plant operation, design and performance of various tests in laboratory scale and pilot scale units, thermal design and process development. Over the last 17 years, he has been consistently delivering new and innovative ideas in the areas of sustainable energy technologies and heat transfer supplemented with more than 100 technical papers in the form of refereed journals, technical reports, and conference proceedings. He has published in the Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Chemical Engineering Science, Powder Technology, ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, Energy and Fuels, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Waste Management, Energy, Bioresources Technology, Fuel Processing Technology, and International Journal of Global Energy Issues.

Dr. Asma Ahmed is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, India. She received her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University in 2006, after which she worked as a research faculty in the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering for one year. She then joined the Biologics Development Centre of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. where she worked for five years in the area of process development. Her Area of Expertise includes: Fermentation, Mammalian Cell Culture, Biofuels, Biopharmaceutical process development She is the recipient of two grants from the Govt. of India and is working in the area of biofuels and value added products from waste.

Dr. Shrikant B. Dhoot is a Senior Manager in the area of renewable resources Department of Reliance Industries Ltd. He received his Ph.D. Degree in Bioprocess Technology from Mumbai University in December 2006 and then worked as a Research Associate in Shell for 3 Years. He is having 7 Years of Experience in the field of alternative energy/biofuels. His Area of Expertise includes: renewable energy, biofuels, algae, biomass to fuels, biodiesel. He has 5 publications to his credit.

Dr. Tushar Jash is a Assistant Professor in the Department of School of Energy Studies at Jadavpur University, Kolkata. He received his Ph.D. Degree in Science from Jadavpur University in 1992 and earned his postdoctoral from Jadavpur University. Then he is working as a Assistant Professor of Energy Science and Technology at Jadavpur University for 12Years. He is having 22 Years of Experience in the field of Renewable Energy. His Area of Expertise includes: Biomass Energy Technology, Biomethanation Technology, and Energy Management. He is the author of 15 journal papers, published in both international and national journals.

Dr. Sudhagar Mani is Assistant Professor of Engineering at University of Georgia. He has worked in research and teaching related to biomass feedstock engineering and systems analysis over 7 years focusing primarily on developing technologies to solve biomass feedstock related problems for economical and efficient collection, transport and preprocessing of lignocellulosic biomass from agriculture and forest sources. Focus areas of his work include biomass feedstock resource assessment, feedstock supply logistics modeling and analysis, biomass drying and size reduction, pelletization or granulation/densification of biomass, Steam pretreatment and thermal treatment (torrefaction) of biomass to increase energy density, supercritical gasification, life cycle assessment of products and processes. Through his research, he has authored or coauthored 15 referred journal articles, 1 book chapter, 3 technical reports and 45 conference papers and presentations. He teaches Engineering Thermodynamics, Physical Unit Operations, Biomass Feedstock Engineering courses and developing two new senior level graduate courses on Renewable Energy Engineering and Engineering Life Cycle Analysis at the University of Georgia.

Dr. Chetan Singh Solanki is currently Associate Professor in Department of Energy Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) India. He received his doctoral degree from IMEC (Interuniversity Micro-electronics Center), Ketholik University, Leuven, Belgium in 2004. Currently he is working on projects sponsored by Applied Materials, MCIT, MNRE and DSIR. He is recipient of EMRS (European Material Research Society) young scientist award, UGC scholarship during his post graduate and doctoral studies. He has authored more than 40 publications in the reputed international/national journals and proceedings. Dr. Chetan also owns three US patents for his work on porous silicon for solar cell applications. He is also author of a book titled ”Renewable Energy Technology- A Practical Guides for Beginners” being published by Prentice-Hall of India. His research areas of interest are Si-nanostructures for PV applications, thin film Si solar cell, concentrated PV systems, carbon nanotubes etc.

Debajyoti Sarangi works as a Senior Research Scientist at Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore.He is involved in R&D pilot line optimisation for C-Si solar cell (mono and multi), Improvement of C-Si solar cell efficiency, yield, improve texturization, metallization and passivation. New device structure and is Directly working for the industry sponsored project.He has done his PhD from National Physical Laboratory and has several publications to his credit.

Dr. Sundara Ramaprabhu is Professor, Head, Alternative Energy and NanotechnologyLaboratory (AENL), Nano-Functional Materials Technology Centre (NFMTC) at Department of Physics, IIT Madras, Chennai . His Research Interest include Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Advanced Nanomaterials Science, Novel methods of synthesis of Graphene, Synthesis of different types of carbon nanostructures, Hydrogen in Metals, alloys, nano-composites and carbon nanotubes, Design and development of metal hydride storage devices, Diffusion of hydrogen in alloys, Novel methods of synthesis of different types of Carbon nanotubes, Carbon nanotubes as catalyst support in PEM Fuel Cells.He has several Publications to his credit.

Dr. Ramasare Prasad Yadav is Assistant Professor in Department of Biotechnology at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.He completed his PHD from JNU, New Delhi. His areas of Interest include Molecular Biology & Proteomics,Biologically active Plant Products (proteins & Gluco-conjugates), Imm, Molecular Biology & Proteomics,Biologically active Plant Products (proteins & Gluco-conjugates).He has guided many PhD students.

Dr. Raghubir Singh Anand is a Principal Resaerch Engineer in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology,Kanpur 208016 INDIA, India. His research interests include Silicon and Organic/Polymer Semiconductor Devices, Physics, Technology, Modeling and Simulation,Research and Development in Solar Energy to provide green, clean and low cost energy for masses. He has guided several PhD Students.He has several publications to his credit.

Dr. Mahendra Lalwani is an Associate Professor in the department of Electrical Engineering of Rajasthan Technical University. He has several publications to his credit.

Dr. Atul Sharma is Assistant Professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology, Rae Bareli, U.P., INDIA, India. He has done his PhD from Devi Ahilya University, Indore. He has been awarded with Senior research fellowship and Junior research fellowship in the National Renewable Energy Fellowship programe funded by ministry of Non-conventional energy Sources, New Delhi, Govt. of India.

Dr Apurba Ratan Ghosh is an Associate Professor at Dept. of Environmental Science & Ex-Director, UGC - Academic Staff College, BU The University of Burdwan, West Bengal, India. Dr Apurba Ratan Ghosh, the Director of UGC-ASC, University of Burdwan is the guiding force behind each and every Refresher and Orientation course for quite sometime now. An able administrator Dr Ghosh, is also an environment scientist and a computer buff. He has been at the helm of the ASC at BU since 2009.

Syed Hussain is associated with Quaid-i-Azam University , Islamabad. His research Interests are Catalysis, Materials Chemistry, Nanotechnology.

Dr Arun P is an Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at NIT Calicut, India. His research interests include Mathematical modeling and optimal thermal design of various energy systems, Energy management in thermal systems, Renewable energy utilization. He is the member of several professional bodies American Society of Mechanical Engineers, International Solar Energy Society.He has several publications to his credit.

Dr. P.K. Bhargava is Ex. Chief Scientist at Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), Roorkee, Uttarakhand (India). He is at present the director of Chaudhary Ranbir Singh Institute of Social and economics. He has been awarded a Rockefeller Foundation Special Postdoctoral fellowship in Population Sciences for advanced research in Population Sciences at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA, 1989-90. He has several publications to his credit.